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Functional blocks in hydraulic systems. The morphologic method – one of hydraulic system design methods belonging to systematic methods is described in this paper. Hydraulic systems have been divided into several functional subassemblies. In turn, the functional block method is presented in two variants. One of them uses six functional subassemblies, while another one is expanded to comprise seven subassemblies. An example of solution correction rules is also presented. Finally, the correction of designed system is shown.

Modelling of pneumatic valve in air brake system. The article presents the mathematical model of the pneumatic brake valve with important simplifications. The masses and the friction forces of the moving parts were neglected and the values of all coefficients are given. The model is a part of developed software to calculate dynamic processes of pressure in the pneumatic multi-circuit systems.

Improvement of seals joints in air brake system of winding engines. The article describes problem of modernization of seals joint in working one-axis brake systems of winding engines. It was suggested to replace leather seals with new materials. The author proposed series of experiments to test leakages in drive systems with new seals joints.

Influence of displacement in hydrostatic slideways on dimensional-shape precision of machined parts. An author used a model of closed hydrostatic slideways with a constant supply pressure. There are presented formulas for a load capacity and stiffness under any spatial forces. Comparison results between laboratory and numerical experiments are presented. The influence of displacement in hydrostatic slideways on dimensional-shape precision of machined parts was determined.

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