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Control of the hydrostatic transmission start-up for minimizing noise. The paper presents a mathematical model of hydrostatic transmission start-up and the control algorithm of throttle valve located in the side line. The simulations of the pressure and hydraulic motor speed during the start-up for the defined control parameters have been performed. The validity of the adopted model was experimentally confirmed.

Assessment of consumption of hydraulic oil in small company machinery. The authors presented the possibility of lowering the operating costs of equipment with hydraulic systems. The requirements for maintenance of hydraulic fluid, as specified in technical standards, has been discussed. An accounting model facilitates an assessment of the consumption of hydraulic oil.

Test of the magnetic fluids. In this paper testing methods of magnetic fluid MRF–132AD are presented. Rheological characteristics of the fluid with Physica MCR 301 rheometer plate-plate type were investigated. The resistance of tht fluid for stratification, as a result of the centripetal acceleration during centrifugation has been assessed.

Damped self-inducted friction vibrations of the grinding machine. The paper describes self-inducted vibrations, caused without the external force and presents the reasons of formation of this type of vibrations in the grinders. An analysis of these vibrations has been made on the basis of the calculated friction characteristics and the physical model of the linear system with the damper. The possibilities of reducing the vibrations have been pointed out.

Prototype displacement pump. The paper shows a novel design of the positive displacement pump. It contains a description of the construction and explains the operating principle. It presents some problems which occurred during designing and building a prototype, as well as a detailed description of the geometric relation of key elements.

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