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Testing of electrorheological fluid properties. The paper presents problems of determination of the flow curves for electrorheological fluids. It has been described an electrorheological fluid testing on the Brookfield DV-III rheometer adapted for such tests. The flow curves of chosen electrorheological fluids were compared with the curves additionally obtained on other types of rheometers.

Controlled movement of the cylinder with an active load. The paper is concerning problems connected with cylinder usage for hoisting and lowering of load and for the returned movement of the cylinder without load. Systems used for this type of cylinder’s operation and detailed description of counterbalance valve working have been presented.

Determination of quasi-static characteristics with the method of continuous excitation. The paper describes a method of determining quasi-static characteristics for such units as: proportional pressure and directional control valves, electro-hydraulic converters with an electrical continuous command signal. The method enables to shorten the test time.

Safety of pneumatic systems. Application of the standard PN-EN 13849-1 harmonized with the guidelines of the Directive 2006/42/EC in relation to pneumatic systems has been presented. This paper presents advantages of using certificated components as well as some Festo components which are compatible with the standard PN-EN 13849-1.

Effectiveness of hydraulic cylinder. In the article, calculating functions have been presented, allowing to define the effectiveness of the hydraulic cylinder work in technical and economical aspects. The formula for calculating each operating parameter have been presented as well as nomograms for determining the operational reliability and effectiveness of repair of the actuator.

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