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Selected problems of design of mechatronic drives with hydraulic systems. The paper discusses the problems of design and application in various machines and technology equipment. Applications relate to build a hydraulic drive in the various disciplines, as well as the including of electronic amplifiers controlled from programmable logic controllers.

Pneumatic manipulators with brakes with magnetorheological fluid. The concepts of building pneumatic manipulators used the brakes with magnetorheological fluid have been presented. The basic models as well as the design of the rotary and linear brakes have been discussed. Possible applications of the manipulators have been pointed out.

Distributed control systems of fluid power servo drives. The paper deals with distributed control systems of fluid power servo drive. The structure of the system was described including the role of fluid power servo drive as a control object. On the basis of the distributed control system the fuzzy logic controller of pneumatic servo-drive and adaptive controller of hydraulic servo-drive were designed.

The functional design of hydraulic systems. This paper describes the initial stage of the functional design of hydraulic systems using genetic algorithm. The presence of a component from group of the components that meet the required functionality in each functional diagram increases the efficiency of the design process.

The education system in hydraulics and pneumatics by CETOP. The paper presents the developed and introduced in 16 countries belonging to the CETOP training system in three levels for industrial hydraulics, mobile hydraulics and pneumatics. The base of the education system as well as the program of theoretical and practical training has been discussed.

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