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Determination of the time and pressure of the pneumatic tank charge and discharge. To measure precise flow rate characteristics of pneumatic components indirect methods are applied. They consist in the measurement of compressed air parameters during charge or discharge of a constant-volume pneumatic tank. The method was used to determine time and pressure change during adiabatic and isothermal charge and discharge process of a pneumatic tank. The critical (choked) and subcritical (unchoked) flow through the orifice with well-known parameters placed on inlet and outlet of the air tank was taken into account.

The change of the tightness level of the bolted flange joint subjected to the cyclic vibrations. A paper presents results of investigations focused on the tightness variation of the bolted flange joint subjected to cyclic vibrations. A criterion of the gasket durability was the number of the cycles necessary to increase the leakage by one order of magnitude. It has been presented a limit number of vibration cycles that change essentially the leakage rate. A relation between a change of the leakage and an amplitude of the flange deformation has been found.

Pneumatic vane motor with plastic components – research. A paper presents selection criteria of plastics for the components of pneumatic motor. Aspects of manufacturing and exploitation of plastic sub-assemblies are discussed. Results of operational tests of the pneumatic motor with plastic components are presented. The tests enabled verification of design assumptions and showed applicability of plastics in design of a pneumatic motor.

High pressure rotational seals for shaft of hydraulic displacement machines. The article presents the results of research on the hydraulic motor shaft seals under water lubrication. The research methodology has been described as well as operating parameters of the sealing during testing. A novel apparatus used to measure all the parameters of the sealing node is described.

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